Cork School Of Judo

Cork School Of Judo

cork school of judo


Cork school of Judo is an active non – profit making traditional judo club Situated in Cobh community center Cork.  We pride ourselves on teaching Japanese judo with traditional respect, discipline, and etiquette.

Here at the Cork school of judo, we believe that above all else people must enjoy judo and that is why we have a happy friendly atmosphere where all are welcome – Seniors, Juniors, Male, Female, Beginners and Experienced alike.

Judo is an ideal sport and martial art for all ages. It provides an ideal form of physical exercise, improving stamina, strength and overall fitness. In addition to the etiquette, respect, self-discipline that judo promotes it also greatly improves confidence.

Our club has been very successful in competition however, we do not place the winning of medals as our main priority

Cork School Of Judo video courtesy of Aoibhin Synnott


Judo players at this club are not automatically instructors simply by gaining their black belt. We spend time developing ability, integrity, technical knowledge, desire and understanding to instruct and teach others, regardless of the student’s ability.

All of our coaches are fully qualified and certified with Judo Ireland and offer quality and safe instruction to both Seniors and Juniors. Our most important priorities are the students and their needs.

Cork school of judo complies fully with all aspects of the Child Protection Act and everyone here at the club is treated fairly and equally regardless of race, gender, background or ability.

We invite you to come along and try a free session where you can train and meet other members.

For more information please contact

Stephen Cole – 086 -217 – 7422