Cork School Of Judo


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Why should you try Cork school of judo! 

Imagine a club in any sport that can provide for both recreational and competitive athletes, Where the coaches have years of experience in teaching high level judo, train in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, learn at a pace that suits you, and most of all cares in the interests and development of all its players . That is what you get when you come to the Cork school of judo.

Children’s judo


We provide fun judo for children of all ages, and  do not believe in competing to win early. Everything we do is fun and developmental oriented. We develop both fundamental movement skills and judo specific skills in our children’s classes.

Judo for teens


Due to junior and leaving cert demands we offer recreational judo and technical classes where they can pace themselves to a level that suits them . However for those wishing to compete we are more than happy to push them so that they may achieve their goals.

Adult judo


We have adult sessions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced which are run twice a week.  At the end of the first lesson all  beginners will be able to demonstrate at least one judo throw, one hold – down and will learn how to break fall correctly.

For more information please contact – Stephen Cole – 086-217-7422