Club Rules

1 – Items of jewellery –  (including watches) must not be worn during sessions.  Long hair must be tied back with non- metal ties.

2 – Time Keeping – All judo players are to ensure that they are at the start of each lesson promptly.

3 – Whilst practicing at the club or representing the club in anyway, discipline must be maintained at an acceptable level at all times.

4 – Members must agree to abide by the rules of the club and any decisions made by the Coach and Committee

5 – Any breach of the club rules or constitution may lead to suspension or termination of membership.

6 – Any member found using judo techniques in unsuitable circumstances may have their membership suspended or terminated.

7 In the event of any suspension or termination of a junior player being considered, the players’ parent/carer will be consulted.

8 – Members –  Should arrive at the club in usual clothes and change into judo suits at the club.

9 – Shoes –  Must never be worn on the mat. Bring a set of flip flops which are easy too wear and must be left at the side of the mat.

10 – Dress –  When judo suits are worn, males should have nothing under their tops and females should wear their club t-shirt or a plain white t-shirt.

11 – Hygiene – Both the judo player and the judo suit should be clean. Finger and toenails must be short.

12 – Players –  Must always ask permission from the Coach to leave the mat during a session.

13 – Players –  Must always bow to each other prior to & after practicing with each other.

14 – Mat fee – All members are required to pay at the start of each month. ( visitors from other clubs can pay on the night).

15 – License – All members are required to take out a Irish Judo association license after 4 weeks of training. This covers you for insurance. Failure  to comply will result in the judoka  not being able to train,